Aerospace & Defence

Integrated Consulting for OEMs, Airlines and MROs

Airlines around the globe are focused on widening the positive gap between RASK* (Revenue per Available Seat Kilometre) and CASK (Cost per Available Seat Kilometre): making aircraft more productive and removing the non-value added activity from the system. This means they are expecting OEMs (aircraft, engine & components manufacturers) to deliver more reliable aircraft in order to maximize utilization, thus revenues, whilst reducing operational costs such as fuel burn, and maintenance costs.

Key trends in this industry include increased emphasis on operational efficiency, outsourcing of development, manufacturing and maintenance with growing competition from low-cost regions, industry consolidation and partnerships, growth of business jets, strong competition from low-cost operators on some key routes, oil hedging uncertainty, and increasing use of technology to gain a competitive advantage. 

J&M adds value to the aerospace & defence industry

For many years, J&M has acted as a strategic partner to the aerospace sector for management and IT consulting. Our clients value our industry knowledge and we understand the specific needs of OEMs, Airlines and MROs (Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul Service Providers). With their insightful knowledge of the evolution of the industry's business models, J&M's consultants have provided several key players in the aerospace industry with long-lasting results in many areas. Our consultancy services focus on: 
  • Establishing a clear strategy, taking advantage of the dynamics and complexity of deregulated markets
  • Collaborative strategies around the use of on-board data to develop new aftermarket services 
  • Spares parts distribution strategy
  • An integrated approach to supply chain and change management
  • Logistics improvement for internal or external stock movements between customers, providers and maintenance workshops
  • Innovative IT systems for production, MRO and logistics (SAP A&D, iMRO, SAP APO, SAP LES, SAP LEAN environment, i2 technologies)
  • Methodological expertise, especially in our LEAN & Six Sigma approaches
  • Cost reductions and efficiency gains whilst maintaining levels of delivery service and effectiveness
J&M consultants can support their customers by improving the different communication channels through more collaborative systems and smoother processes. They help manage contracts with any partner (customer or vendor), standardize transactions, optimize the average turnaround time (TAT), and they support airlines in maximizing aircraft usage and inventory release forecasts.

The result: Quantifiable and sustainable improvements to the business of our clients

Whether they are airlines, OEMs or MROs, our clients value the holistic approach whereby we examine strategy, processes, organization and IT as a whole. J&M has successfully brought its industry expertise to multiple projects in A&D, achieving long-term improvements such as:
  • Global Harmonisation & Standardization of Supply Chain Processes
  • Reduction of Turnaround Time
  • Reduction of Inventory Levels (- 27%)
  • Increased product quality
  • Better use of overhauled parts
  • Expenses reduction
  • Major savings by using new IT systems & processes with reduced Third-Party Application Maintenance costs (TMA costs)
  • Lean Sigma processes deployment with defined target earnings
"The fact we worked in true collaboration allowed us to acquire the required competencies to execute the deployment in all other sites in full autonomy. Thanks to this approach, our project team and key users truly adopted the solution."

Gustavo Castillo, Nomad Project Manager