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Integrated, value-adding Consulting in the Building and Construction Sector

Rising raw material, transport, labour and production costs, increasing environmental protection regulations and demographic changes are all having a dramatic influence on the actual construction sector. Building materials producers, traders and construction companies are therefore under enormous pressure to develop new products, services and solutions and to adapt to shifting market conditions. As time passes, both buildings and mentalities change, and not only is the focus of the construction business moving from new-builds to renovation, but the do-it-yourself (DIY) trend is also becoming an increasingly significant factor for the strategic orientation of the product portfolio. Furthermore, topics such as active house, recycling, cradle-to-cradle solutions, and energy efficiency or facility management are more and more in the focus of the entire construction sector. One of the main questions in this context is to have the right prices for these products and services and to get paid for the value delivered.

Building & Construction
Building & Construction

This situation places an ever-greater importance on the use of a process-oriented approach and comprehensive, cross-national assessment of the entire value chain from the customer's perspective. The building materials producers, traders and construction companies who enjoy success in the future will be those who dovetail their procurement, production, logistics and sales and marketing operations in a way which sees them all pull in the same direction. 

In the building materials industry, J&M uses integrated management and IT consulting to optimise the entire value chain

J&M stands for implementation-oriented consultancy: We reliably integrate strategies and concepts into our clients' business processes. In the last three years we have done strategic and implementation projects in over 15 countries in the building & construction industry providing our clients with tailored support for the optimisation of their value chain. J&M consulting for the building & construction sector focuses on the following areas:
  • Strategic reorientation of the entire value and supply chain incl. sales and marketing
  • Market entry and business segment strategies
  • Sustainable reduction of transport costs
  • Sustainable reduction of variable production costs
  • Operational profit enhancement through price management
  • Planning and reporting of marketing, sales, distribution and finance operations across entire organisations
  • Implementation of innovative IT systems for production and logistics (SAP APO, SAP LES, SAP LEAN environment)

The result: measurable, lasting improvement in the operational business of our clients

Our clients , both medium-sized business and large international companies,  all value our integrated approach covering strategy, processes, organisational structures and IT and our support for immediate implementation. J&M has already proven its expertise in a wide variety of projects in the building & construction sector. Exemplary results are:
  • Production cost reductions of 20 % p.a. using LEAN, Six Sigma and kaizen measures
  • Sustainable reduction of transport costs by more than 10 % p.a.
  • Cost reductions of 30 % p.a. as a result of process harmonisation – even as part of post merger integration
  • Sustainable EBIT increases of >2 %-points via strategic and operational optimisation of pricing and price management tools
  • Reductions of up to 100 % in non-value-added activities thanks to LEAN SCM and the consistent application of leadership principles in all operational areas
  • Reductions in complexity as a result of part rationalisation (e.g. 25 % fewer material masters) 
  • Permanent elimination of quality issues and bottlenecks
‘No other partner would have enabled us to execute this pan-European project as quickly and successfully as J&M has. What is more, the performance-related remuneration agreed minimised the risk to us – and we will therefore be expanding the roll-out of the project.'

Werner Hansmann, Marketing Director

Saint Gobain

'The decision on the distribution network of the future is strategically significant for HILTI. We have been extremely careful in developing, assessing and selecting our supply chain scenarios, and we are confident that we're on the right track.'

Heinrich Becker, Head of European Logistics Management, HILTI AG


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