Creating competitive advantages in real time with synchronised and efficient processes

Currently a dramatic change towards e-business is taking place in all industries. E-business supports all processes along the supply chain (P2P, O2C) as well as strategic goals such as internationalisation, quality and profitability. The implementation however is difficult: The connection of web shops, transmission of client's data in real time, payment processing and the connection of external service providers place very high requirements on the IT. Companies need to react faster and be more flexible to change.

Creating competitive advantages in real time with synchronised and efficient processes
Creating competitive advantages in real time with synchronised and efficient processes

eBusiness Consulting: From strategy to processes and IT

eBusiness describes the economic options that global digital networks offer using digital information technologies to support all business processes. Information, communication and transactions between the parties involved are being processed by digital networks. Due to its expertise in supply chain management and its distinguished IT competency, especially in SAP, J&M is able to offer the connection between business and IT consulting which is necessary for successful eBusiness.

J&M's consulting portfolio in eBusiness focuses on the following aspects:

  • Business strategic use of eBusiness for gaining new sales potentials e.g. through eCommerce  sales channels or the design of new product offerings based on eBusiness (e.g. proactive maintenance concepts)
  • Development of high-performing IT architecture for e-commerce: integration of web shops, order management (e.g. SAP CC), decentralised warehouse management systems (SAP EWM), finance and payment systems through high-performing and safe interfaces (SAP PI as central data hub)
  • Adaption of existing ERP systems, especially for third-party order processing, inventory and master data synchronisation, also with external suppliers and partners
  • Coverage of regulatory demands (data security, ability of certification, revision); GoBS & GDPdU compliance
  • Automation of business processes in product development, purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash: omission of manual booking processes, decrease of error rates, optimisation of processes in service, purchasing, development and sales

The result: With eBusiness towards synchronised and efficient processes in real time.

J&M has realised successful eBusiness projects with clients from various industries:

  • eCommerce IT architecture 2.0 with a fast growing online mail-order business: Implementation of SAP ERP Retail, SAP NetWeaver PI, SAP EWM, QlikView including process and technical redesign and launch of the new web shop with more than 30,000 customer orders per hour
  • Inventory synchronisation in eBusiness: Configurable applications for notification of inventory deltas and full updates to the web shop for a consistent description of availabilities. Real time uploads of third party inventory data (third party order supplier). ATP information for external inventories as well without direct data access to the supplier system.
  • Call centre integration: Central access to client and process data of various applications, connection of payment methods and risk management interfaces, upstream transaction, background bookings in SAP Standard, optimised article search, article suggestion, cross selling, preregistration of returns
  • Payment processing: Illustration of all common payment methods such as PayPal, credit card, direct transfer etc. via SAP CAX and their integration into SAP.

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