Integrated consulting for opening up new revenue potentials

With integrated eCommerce companies often do nothing less than the re-invention of their business model. Usually, they start with the idea of achieving new revenue potentials with eCommerce. However, this also means facing new competitors that are already in the market – especially so called online pure-players. Thus, companies have to ask themselves how to keep their USPs and positioning as (price-) premium-suppliers despite growing information transparency and global comparability in eCommerce. One core task is to increase usability, to automate business processes in B2C, B2B and C2C and to achieve long term customer retention.

Given growing customer demands, increasingly complex processes and a highly competitive online market, companies need a dedicated eCommerce strategy with clear and measurable targets. J&M supports online pure-players as well as multi-players, companies that use eCommerce as one of many sales channels, from strategy to IT, from the concept to the international roll-out.

The eCommerce consulting portfolio of J&M covers amongst other aspects:

  • Development of a sales channel strategy for an optimal integration of existing and new channels (multi-channel)
  • Optimisation of the online product portfolio as well as web 4.0 services
  • Conception of the complete backend ordering processes and the fulfilment strategy
  • Design of eCommerce KPIs and dashboards
  • Introduction of web analytics and web controlling
  • Optimisation of efficiency in fulfilment
  • Implementation of dynamic online pricing processes
  • Improvement of payment processes (order-to-cash)
  • Improvement of shop-in-shop purchasing processes (purchase-to-pay)
  • Adjustment of the supply chain network to eCommerce requirements
  • Supplier connection and integration incl. EDI, joint development, master data management, etc.
  • Customer connection incl. EDI
  • Integration of online payment systems with existing IT- and billing-systems

The result: More profit with eBusiness

Companies which rely on J&M competencies in the field eCommerce manage to sharpen their eBusiness vision and strategy, and to clearly define their organisational integration of the business segment. Furthermore, clients have already achieved measurable results in eCommerce projects with J&M:

  • Achievement of eight digit turnover potentials with 30 % EBIT
  • Saving of order-to-cash (OTC) and purchase-to-pay (P2P) process costs of a seven digit amount
  • Integration of installed base (iBase, installed basis) for intelligent suggestion system, especially for spare parts and services eBusiness
  • Implementation of an eShop and integration with an existing SAP system landscape as well as the interface of the eShop to an existing ERP
  • Integration of online payment systems in existing SAP ERP payment and invoicing processes
  • Connection of supplier ERP warehouse systems for purchase handling and stock synchronisation in third-party business concepts incl. integration of up to 300 interfaces to external systems

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