Sourcing & Purchasing

Value-Based Consultancy for Purchasing

Purchasing has traditionally played a central role when it comes to cost reductions. However, a lack of transparency on expenditure prevents the main cost drivers from being identified and eliminated. In many purchasing organisations, there is also no clear division of tasks and responsibilities between strategic and operational purchasing. The consequence is that important tasks are either ignored or duplicated. In many cases, companies neglect to ensure that employees are sufficiently qualified to carry out their tasks.

Sourcing & Purchasing
Sourcing & Purchasing
Added to this is the fact that purchasing is frequently not optimally integrated into sales, production, logistics and marketing planning. It is difficult in such a scenario for purchasing to be aware of the real requirements within the company. Consequently, indiscriminate purchasing from a proliferation of providers – so-called ‘maverick buying' – flourishes, especially in the case of indirect goods and services.

With integrated processes and individual solutions towards successful purchasing

J&M Management Consulting combines management and IT consulting along companies' entire value chains. Together with our clients, we develop purchasing organisations which are optimally tailored to each company and we set up appropriate purchasing processes and systems. We support our clients in all aspects of successful, sustainable purchasing:

Our focus areas:
  • Strategic Purchasing: Strategy development, sourcing strategies (global sourcing), total supplier management, purchasing SCAN, risk management, green purchasing 
  • Purchasing Processes and Organisation: Purchasing reorganisation, product group management, training/qualification of purchasers, purchasing assessment
  • Performance Management in Purchasing: Creating transparency through spend management, purchasing cockpit (dashboard), savings trackings
  • Purchasing IT Solutions & Enabling Technologies: Supplier Relationship Management (SRM), eSourcing, eProcurement, eInvoicing, contract management, implementation and adaptation of ERP systems
  • Management of Change in Purchasing: Coaching, training and qualification of purchasers, interim management, control of change processes

Measurably Increasing the Sustainable Success in Purchasing

A purchasing strategy which supports corporate goals enables companies to sustainably strengthen their competitive position. J&M bespoke solutions are therefore not just adapted to specific company requirements, but also actively embedded into both general purchasing strategy and the respective detailed strategy category. Taking overall strategy as our basis, we develop and deliver sustainable solutions from the optimisation of purchasing organisation through to the provision of process and technical support to the management of skills, knowledge, information and change processes. The result is sustainable cost savings, transparency, efficient and effective processes, an improvement in the customer-supplier relationship and a reduction in the number of suppliers. 
J&M has achieved the following improvements across a wide range of projects:
  • Cost savings in the double-digit million range for a client in the food industry
  • Reduction in the number of a client's suppliers from 15,000 to approximately 3,000
  • Cost- and usage-optimised implementation of IT architecture and SAP systems for purchasing.
  • Income-relevant savings of 15 % and improved procurement processes further to the implementation of global e-procurement and e-sourcing projects.
  • Consigned purchasing volume increased up to 100 % using e-procurement systems.
  • 30 % reduction in purchasing volumes using optimised demand planning. 
  • Inventory optimisation using LEAN Management.
  • Savings of 35 % by means of support provided within the framework of e-sourcing initiatives (RFx, e-auctions and offer comparisons).
  • Automation of business-critical processes in the field of catalogue and contract management.
  • High employee satisfaction thanks to the incorporation and training of all process participants

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