Energy & Environment

Integrated Consulting in the Energy & Environmental Technologies Industry

Today, companies involved in the energy and environmental technologies industry are faced with a multitude of challenges. The integration of the European gas and energy market brings a series of European and national regulatory requirements which need to be implemented. In particular, this applies to the Third EU Internal Market Package, the regulatory guidelines "Network Code", as well as The "Gas Target Model". In addition, there are national rules, such as the Cooperation Agreement KOV IV and the capacity rules and auction procedure in the gas sector (KARLA) of the Federal Network Agency. The cost pressure increases for regulated companies due to the incentive regulation.

Energy & Environmental Technologies
Energy & Environmental Technologies
Further questions concerning companies of the electricity industry: How to act against the background of a reorganizing European gas market? How to position in the market with respect to environmental protection and energy efficiency? How do producers of photovoltaic systems react to solar cuts? How to transport wind power produced in Northern Germany to the centers of the Ruhr area and to Southern Germany? What is the best way to integrate renewable energies and will the successful restructuring of energy supply subsequently become the export hit of the German manufacturing industry?

J&M advises energy industry companies from strategy right through to implementation

J&M Management Consulting supports companies involved in the electricity, gas and water industries by optimizing their business, their processes, and their IT structure. Even for scenarios in which a strategic realignment is on the horizon, we contribute to the project at hand thanks to our in-depth market and industry know-how. When working on a project, our consultants do not simply view IT and process topics as two separate entities, instead they use every ounce of their broad skillset from the strategy phase right through to implementation. This approach guarantees that all of the concepts designed will be integrated optimally into the client's company. In particular, J&M consultants possess the ability to manage large-scale projects in such a way that a consensus regarding the changes needed can be reached among all involved parties, both across different departments and even across organizations, if required.

Our consulting services focus on the following key areas:

  • Supporting a company's market-oriented focus
  • Performing a detailed analysis of the regulatory requirements, along with their associated effects on the customer's processes, organization and IT structure, followed by a description and plan for various implementation approaches
  • Performing process analyses and writing corresponding documentation, then redesigning optimized processes based on the resultant findings
  • Managing calls for tenders where larger IT projects are involved, and coordinating the selection process
  • Creating concepts, requirements specifications and functional specifications
  • Providing change management and business process management support during projects

The result: We improve our clients' business

With J&M at their sides, our clients are able to take on all market and regulatory requirements that exist in their industry, successfully meeting each and every one. Going forward, the strategy of each client is optimally positioned for the future of their company.

  • Implementing regulatory requirements (balancing group management ) in processes and IT
  • Relieving the strain on the client organization
  • Creating a requirements specification for the platform required by the Gas Network Access Ordinance (GasNZV), for the purpose of commercializing primary capacities in conjunction with 13 transmission system operators in just two months
  • Significant reduction of external IT service costs
  • Enhanced effectiveness and flexibility through adaption of IT to the needs of medium-sized enterprises 
"Although the timescale of seven weeks allotted for the project was very tight, J&M did a very professional job – the results of the IT strategy greatly exceeded our expectations."

Thomas Wienand, Head of IT

Thyssengas GmbH