High-tech & Electronics Industry

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The high-tech industry is characterised by a very high rate in innovation. This means that time-to-market must be reduced, production must be flexible enough to cope with extreme fluctuations in demand and inventories must be minimised owing to steep price decreases. In view of price wars, the high-tech industry has long since adopted a global stance. Continually optimising complex value chains as regards costs, deliver capacity and quality – thereby building in the flexibility to respond to demand shifts and new products – is a constant challenge. Last but not least, the configuration of complex systems must be increasingly customer-specific, and spares must be kept available even for older products.

High-tech & Electronics Industry
High-tech & Electronics Industry

J&M optimises the entire value chain for the high-tech industry with integrated management and IT consulting

For many years, J&M Management Consulting has acted as a strategic consulting partner to the high-tech industry for management and IT consulting. Clients value the experience we have gained on numerous international projects across Europe, Russia, the USA, China and elsewhere – projects in which J&M has proven its ability to enhance entire value chains, from product development, production and logistics to marketing and sales. Our consultancy services focus on:
  • Strategic realignment (business optimisation)
  • Business process optimisation (KVP, LEAN enterprise or Six Sigma)
  • Supply chain management (LEAN SCM)
  • Product lifecycle management (LEAN PLM)
  • Marketing and sales excellence
  • Conception and implementation of validated SAP solutions (ERP, planning, reporting, etc.)

The result: Quantifiable and sustainable improvements to our clients business

Our clients in the high-tech sector place their trust in J&M because they value our holistic approach whereby we examine strategy, processes, organisation and IT as one. J&M consultants guarantee the long-term success of projects on the basis of this integrated approach in conjunction with professional project management (business case, value based contracting) and their personal commitment. These are the factors that enable our clients to take quantifiable strides and bring about significant and lasting improvements, including the following:
  • Introduction of requirements-oriented supply chain management to ensure flexible and efficient control 
  • Business process excellence programmes to cut costs for the long term in electronics production
  • Integration of suppliers to ensure the efficient control of cross-company processes in the transport industry
  • Reduction in inventories of up to 30 %
  • Introduction of innovative IT-based planning systems to improve delivery reliability
  • Implementation of SAP ERP systems in all company areas in less than five months
  • Efficiency gains of 25 % in production thanks to LEAN SCM measures
‘As a result of the practical workshops and the Value Stream design we developed with the J&M consultants, we are now capable of applying Lean Principles to our production processes. We now understand how to create leaner and mutually coordinated processes at every stage of the production procedure.'

Ewald Osseforth, Lingen Plant Manager

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