Integrated Value Stream

Increased efficiency due to aligned processes, systems and information

No company can afford to waste resources. Without any reference to logistics, production and sales, a comprehensive and especially a consistent and complete reporting is not possible. A financial analysis based incomparable data does not enable companies any valid forecast. Thus, most companies only use 30 % of their existing company data, in order to give information about efficiency and competitiveness of the company.

By means of optimisation and integration of value streams, resources can be exploited better. Many companies are facing the challenge of missing aligned processes and resulting heterogeneous data management and system interruptions. The financial value stream is mostly considered solely: A common and especially integrated consideration with material and information stream does not happen. Therefore, companies lose their basis for a comprehensive evaluation and analysis.

Improving efficiency and transparency due to integrated value streams

J&M supports clients to merge standardised and harmonised processes as well as always accessible data into an integrated value stream. This represents the condition for an increase of efficiency within the company. To this purpose all business processes are being considered comprehensibly within all areas and systems. Material and information streams will be transferred into a value stream in order to enable analyses for finance and controlling. Problem areas and gaps in processes and systems are being revealed. Due to the linkage of all processes, companies can increase the process efficiency and the resulting added value.

A consideration of reporting goals is essential in the analysis and improvement of value streams. Different interests can collide in this context. J&M understands how to lay the foundation for an integrated value stream for clients, by means of a consideration of all areas, systems and stakeholders combined with expertise in management and IT consulting.

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