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Business drives IT – IT enables Business

Information technology is crucial to business success. The challenge is to keep pace with rapid change, react with flexibility to shifting business requirements and use new technological trends to create competitive advantages. Improvements to the value contribution delivered by IT need to be noticeable and continuous.

The key is to implement IT systems in a practical way which increases corporate performance right along the value chain. 'Business drives IT - IT enables Business.' is a reciprocally stimulating process which leads to new advantages in terms of cost and competitiveness. This is of strategic significance, as future IT investment in particular is designed to safeguard and develop company competitiveness.

Advantage with IT

J&M Management Consulting combines management consultancy with IT competence right along the corporate value chain. We provide support from the systematic drawing up of a sustainable IT strategy and the development of a high-performance IT organisation through to the implementation of standard software such as SAP.
Today, SAP solutions are the standard for businesses. They are very versatile but inherently complex and entail heavy investment. The right know-how is ever more critical in the face of an increasing number of options and innovations. Businesses thus face the following challenges:

  • Exploit the potential of SAP systems to generate profits for the business;
  • Execute the changes in the business in SAP rapidly, efficiently, effectively, and
  • Despite the inherent complexity, manage the SAP systems with available resources.

J&M Management Consulting is an experienced strategic SAP partner for industrial, trade, and logistics firms. This is underlined by our base of over 200 SAP customers and numerous partnerships with specialists. In particular, we are the leading provider of innovative SAP products in our fields and areas of core competency.

Integrated consulting services for sustained success

Our success is founded on the fact that, in contrast to our competitors, we take an integrated approach as management consultants and SAP consultants. That is why our projects are successful over the long-term. And we empower you to adapt and develop the solutions yourselves.

Our clients value us and our consultants, particularly our commitment to deliver projects on time, within budget, and in the desired quality. Clients respect us, because the solutions we develop with them and deliver are sustained and practical for daily operations. Clients especially appreciate the fact that the projects we conduct pay back the investment and help give the businesses an edge. J&M has achieved significant improvements in over 250 projects:

  • Cost- and usage-optimised implementation of IT architecture and SAP systems for purchasing.
  • Realisation of new, innovative business processes using IT.
  • Continuous support and extensive automation of business-critical processes.
  • High employee satisfaction thanks to the incorporation and training of key users.
'The changeover was not a simple process for the specialist moulding division. Nevertheless, by applying IT, process and change management competence in partnership with J&M we were able to implement a solution which has slotted smoothly into our daily business and been accepted by users.'

Dr.-Ing. Dirk Petermann, Head of Competence Centers Supply Chain & Logistics

Continental AG

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