IT Strategie

Integrated consulting for the conception of IT strategies

IT strategies form the basis for the use and benefit of IT within all companies. In times of increasing business penetration of electronic media and functions, companies are advised to compose a master plan for IT-use. If this is not available, the vulnerable system of cooperation and interaction between business and IT becomes more and more inefficient. As a consequence, often uncoordinated (IT-) processes and technical diversification result in high expenses for operation. An integrated IT-strategy avoids this development.

Business policies and requirements on management and department level, as well as external factors, such as market, IT-trends and legal requirements form the context of an IT-strategy. The foundation encompasses how process-landscape of organisation, governance, architecture and IT is aligned, in order to accomplish company goals and value creation in the best possible way.

J&M assists companies in the process of establishing IT strategies

Our method for establishing an IT strategy is based on a clear planned structure and workflow-plan consisting of four steps:

  • Strategic actual-analysis: Scoping and planning, structured location determination by means of focus-interviews and workshops, screening and information supply, SWOT-analyses, data-analyses and evaluations
  • Strategy development: Target derivation from company-strategy, elaboration on strategic options and measures, elaboration on models for future IT configuration
  • Strategy evaluation: Detailed examination and evaluation of alternatives, creation of business cases, preparation of decision templates
  • Strategy formulation: Filling of measure-catalogue, development of outcome (document) for IT strategy, measure-planning within roadmap

After assessing the status quo, IT targets are developed from company strategy and guidelines for IT use are defined. Strategic alternatives are developed for fundamental questions, such as sourcing-strategy, application-strategy, IT governance and organization. Furthermore, strategic alternatives for implemented technology-platforms are developed, evaluated and led to decision. The identified measures for strategy-implementation are documented within an individual roadmap, which serves as directory for subsequent strategy-implementation.

Our clients benefit from a clear IT strategy

IT strategies ensure transparency within IT and a master plan for future orientation in the context of future development of the entire company. The implementation of identified optimisation-potentials, derived of an analysis, enables the increase of efficiency and reduction of IT-costs. Besides, a J&M research study about the benefit of IT-strategies revealed that the elaboration of these has a very positive impact on the alignment of business and IT.

J&M has realised sustainable improvements by the conception of IT-strategies for its clients:

  • Development of IT-strategy for a gas distributor, that serves as orientation for future decisions 
  • Reorganisation and consolidation of the global IT, as follow-up of three companies in the chemistry-industry and within the scope of IT Vision definition
  • Creation of transparency of IT-architecture, identification of system-risks, as well as elaboration on target architecture for optimising existing system-landscapes
  • Definition and introduction of governance mechanism for IT-steering and improving cooperation of business and IT of an energy-discounter

"Although the timeframe of the project was only seven weeks, J&M solved the task very professional and the results significantly exceeded our expectations. We assume that we will continue working with J&M when it comes to applying the strategy."

Thomas Wienand, Head of IT
Thyssengas GmbH