Our Clients

Leading companies in industry and trade

The challenges facing our clients are immense: globalisation and regionalisation, individualisation versus standardisation, centralisation versus decentralisation, high cost pressure, innovative management, increased flexibility and efficiency. The problems vary considerably according to the size, industrial sector, market position and economic cycle of each individual company.

The pressure is the same for every company. They are all faced with growing complexity, greater demands on efficiency and an ever-increasing velocity to the business. To remain successful under these conditions requires constant progress in every corporate division, and a flawless execution of trans-corporate cooperation. Nowadays, few companies, if any, are capable of surviving on its own. This inevitably leads to a greater emphasis on strategic networking. In order to fulfil the demands of fluctuating market conditions, suppliers and clients should be included in a flexible corporate network.

Our clients include some of the most significant names in industry and trade. They range from medium-sized businesses to international corporations, and have all been successful in their respective disciplines for a good number of years.

Does a market-leading company need a consultant? Our clients would say yes. Our partners benefit from the new ideas we can bring to their business issues. We compliment their technical and industry-specific know-how, and our clients know that they can rely on our professional management of change to deliver sustainable results together with them. We are able to count some of the most significant international names among our regular clients.


Managing Partner

Frank Jenner Dr.-Ing. Frank Jenner
Managing Partner