Consumer Products & Retail

Integrated consulting for food, beverages, consumer goods and retail industry leaders

Markets are changing dramatically owing to globalisation and internationalisation; at the same time, customers are constantly demanding new and more individual products from manufacturers in the consumer goods industry. New societal trends and groups such as the LOHAS (‘lifestyle of health and sustainability') segment are also becoming more significant. As income in the OECD nations rises moderately and populations age, manufacturers and the retail sector are being faced with new requirements. To an increasing degree, products now require labels such as ‘bio' as well as carbon footprint information. This in turn places requirements on associated processes such as RFID, Green SCM and shelf-ready packaging.

Consumer Products Industry
Consumer Products Industry

J&M optimises the entire food and non-food value chain through integrated management and IT consulting

For many years, J&M Management Consulting AG has acted as a strategic consulting partner to the consumer goods industry and retail sector. Our clients value our experience in upgrading entire value chains. In doing so, J&M can draw on experience and specialist knowledge in many markets, including food and drinks, fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), drugstore goods, clothing, household goods, furniture and consumer electronics.
J&M is also aware of the requirements of the retail sector on suppliers. We provide support by raising the service level, and help with pricing for supply chain-related services. Our consultancy services focus on:
  • Supply chain strategy and segmentation
  • Design of fresh food supply chains
  • Carbon footprint and Green SCM
  • Network optimisation
  • Inventory optimisation
  • Manufacturing excellence
  • LEAN management
  • Logistics outsourcing
  • Design and implementation of SAP ERP and SAP SCM APO

The result: Sustainable improvements to our clients business

Our clients, who range from medium-sized enterprises to major international groups, value the holistic approach whereby J&M examines strategy, processes, organisation and IT as one. It is an approach that enables our customer companies to achieve both rapid progress and significant and lasting business improvements. Having completed over 80 international projects in the consumer goods and retail sectors, J&M has demonstrated its consultancy expertise beyond doubt. Services have included:
  • Network design: Planning new warehouse sites and support of tendering processes
  • 50 % reduction in downtimes through LEAN manufacturing 
  • Compilation of service catalogues with a view to defining and fixing prices for logistical services for retailers and B2B clients through supply chain segmentation
  • Introduction of SAP SCM to ensure integrated planning in the supply chain
  • Introduction of SAP ERP modules, complete systems and standardised templates
‘J&M really impressed us with its comprehensive capabilities in the areas of SCM and financial planning, in its flexibility and excellent understanding of partnership. J&M contributed significantly to our project success.'

Clyde Pereira, CIO CCHBC


'We have been extremely careful in developing, assessing and selecting our supply chain scenarios, and we are confident that we're on the right track.'

Heinrich Becker, Head of European Logistics Management


‘We were impressed by J&M's expertise and professionalism. We will consult them in the future with regard to strategic planning and the optimisation of our logistics procedures.'

Ulrich Dickow, Managing Director of the tegut… group's logistics department

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