Warehouse & Site Logistics

Integrated consulting for complex logistic-networks and processes

High logistic costs, complex processes, strongly fluctuating demand: Warehouse and Site logistic faces multiples challenges. In the area of logistic, it is necessary to react rapidly and be flexible to the rising volatility on the buying and sales market and the constantly changing customer requirements. Besides, it is expected that logistic experts have the ability to coordinate logistic processes cross-companywide: That , for example, why unclocked times of received-goods and outgoing-goods cause, on the one hand, long standing times and on the other hand less occupied logistic employees. The optimal utilization of the available resources proved to be a difficult task, yet is an essential success factor. 

J&M Management is in the position to optimally support companies in the analysis and improvement of all relevant processes within Site Logistics and the optimal warehouse administration across country boundaries. This is due to cross-industry process knowledge of the producer, the logistic provider and the trade industry. Along with a holistic approach, J&M supports companies to analyse and optimize their logistics and logistic network across all relevant processes. Thereby, the role of logistics within the company is being reviewed, as well as from a strategic point of view and adjusted if appropriate. J&M rapidly approaches accessible potentials (quick-wins) together with its customers and implements corresponding measures. 

Integrated consulting from analysis up to IT-implementation

This enables location-based analysis, by raising potentials through optimisation of yard management (internal company traffic, slot management, layout-planning, etc.) A cross-divisional material and information flow coordination can eliminate process-inefficiencies within production, warehouse and dispatching-logistic. This is achieved through systematic controlled use of resources or the use of innovative technologies. 
J&M works on practical solutions, together with its clients. Our logistic experts contribute their experience of many years, combined with best-practice knowledge and find the optimum solution.  
As a strategic partner of SAP, J&M is always up to date in terms of innovations and offers competent advice for selection, conception and introduction of SAP logistic solutions, such as Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM), Transportation Management (SAP TM), RFID-solutions and SAP Auto-ID Enterprise. Due to its expertise, J&M is able to integrate these SAP-solutions into existing IT-landscapes. 

Sustainable results for clients from industry, logistic services and trade 

With this approach, J&M is able to achieve numerous improvements for its clients from industry, logistic services and trade, including: 
  • Restructuring of service portfolio for warehouse and transport logistic, reorganization of business processes and implementation into a new SAP logistic system
  • Process and system-redesign of logistic service provider-integration
  • Redesign of warehouse and dispatching processes, replacing of LVS by SAP with integration of multiple automatic warehouses and fully paperless logistic processes 
  • Implementation of RFID technology as instrument for efficiency increase in the area of traceability of warehouse and site logistics, using standard software (SAP auto-ID infrastructure with full integration of SAP warehouse management): Reduction of complaints by 10 %, personnel reduction within material supply by 40 % 
  • Conception and implementation of paperless production, warehouse and dispatching logistic, as well as industry-specific processes within global SAP-template
  • Optimization of internal material streams and operative logistic processes
‘We now have a constant overview of our warehouse inventory and storage spaces, and are able to process individual furniture components faster and with less effort.'

Karl-Heinz Kopp, Head of IT

ArteM GmbH & Co. KG

'We are in the process of paving the way for universal improvements in tender creation, cost calculation and service invoicing. Application of the correct SAP functionalities and best practices will make a significant contribution to efficient, quick process handling within our organization.'

Frank Gümmer, Project Manager

Chemion Logistik GmbH

Managing Partner

Christoph Kilger Dr. Christoph Kilger
Managing Partner