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Integrated Consulting for Maintenance, Repair and After Sales Support

Maintenance & After Sales Services, that includes customer service and maintenance-repair-overhaul (MRO) are considered by many companies to be a financial burden and a logistical nightmare. The logistic and planning complexity of the business, emphasized by a lack of vision and a degree of unpredictability, have left the subject behind in optimisation projects compared to other targets such as Production Planning or Supply Chain Management. A lot of companies selling maintenance and support as a service struggle with low service levels and increasing costs.

Many have not taken advantage yet of the availability of new business models, technical developments and IT tools with which maintenance business can be transformed into a smooth operation on the customer side as well as a long lasting revenue generator on the service provider side.

J&M Management Consulting combines outstanding management consultancy with innovative, results-focused IT consulting right along the corporate value chain. Working in partnership with the clients we develop services, processes and systems which are optimally adapted to their companies. We support the client in all aspects of successful, sustainable Maintenance & After Sales Services. With a strong background in aerospace MRO business combined with years of experience in setting up customer service systems, we find the best fitting solution for our clients:

  • Define the optimal business concept: How to serve your organization/customer the best: pay&go, Service Level Agreements, increasing OEE, utilization based fee, power-by-the hour contracts.
  • Take advantage of expertise in technical concepts: Curative, preventive and predictive maintenance; managing a fleet; incorporate reliability data; critical parts analysis; manage interchangeability and standardization.
  • Procurement & stock optimization: Spare Part and service demand management; Inventory optimization; Strategic purchasing; Procurement of materials and services; automatic invoice processing.
  • Spare Parts Planning & Advanced Planning Systems: support reverse logistics, optimize worldwide repair parts distribution, demand and network simulations.
  • Select and implement the right IT tools: SAP CS, SAP CRM, SAP APO, SAP BI, SAP MRO, SPP, SAP Industry Solution Discrete Industries / A&D, Mobile Solutions, Add-ons to SAP, non-SAP solutions.
  • LEAN maintenance: Reduce cycle times; reduce wasted effort and parts; increase efficiency.
  • Management of Change: Supporting one of the main success factors; get maximum output and minimal resistance in projects that bring changes to the organization, the process or the IT tools.

Measurable improvements in Maintenance & After Sales Services success

The J&M approach will allow you to get an overall view on the complex Maintenance or After Sales Service domain in your company and point out in which directions there is the most room for improvement. For each area there are dedicated specialists available within our company. The unique combination of in house experts with long lasting experience in the aerospace industry – one of the most advanced in MASS – and many successful projects in traditional industries and technical expertise makes J&M the ideal partner to step up the MASS ladder.

Projects we have realized in this context are:

  • Definition of a new power-by-the hour business concept, selection of an IT solution with successful implementation for a major aircraft maintenance service provider.
  • Optimizing a complete aero-engine repair process, reducing lead time (TAT) including implementation of IT process control at a European leading engine overhaul provider. Reduction of inventory for assemblies/spare units by 20 % at equal service level
  • Alignment of service processes and spare parts handling for Johnston Sweepers, a UK based international company for outdoor cleansing equipment and vehicles
  • Creation of an end-to-end MRO solution (incl. reception of the material, repair process, standard exchange, labor booking, subcontracting, etc.) for Sabena technics, a major aircraft maintenance actor that received the SAP Quality Award 2011 EMEA for this project.

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Markus Kleine-Vossbeck Markus Kleine-Vossbeck

The SAP Quality Award

Winner 2011: Sabena technics

Gold in EMEA