Manufacturing Excellence

Integrated Consulting for effective and efficient manufacturing processes

Technological innovations, new legal framework or changing expectations of customer and consumer influence the environment of industrial companies. In order to be able to act effectively and efficiently, organisation, processes and IT tools have to be adapted adequately. Changing market conditions are creating an area of tension, which production planning and controlling is also permanently exposed to.

In this area of tension, agile companies achieve significant advantages in competition. This proves, that a flexible and adaptive process and IT architecture which is aligned to the concerns of production planning, is key to corporate success.

Partner from analysis to implementation

J&M has comprehensive experience in conception and implementation of manufacturing excellence programs and additionally has developed its own methods, resources and tools to support the implementation. We initiate the analysis with a scan of processes and organisation of production planning as well as of the surrounding Supply Chain including its IT support. Therefore we determine requirements, gaps and activity fields.

The solution conception considers essential influencing factors:

  • Increase of flexibility: Increased customer orientation demands short-term changes of production programs or individual products in consideration of time and budget
  • Reduction of internal frictional loss: Improvement of coordination between development, production, distribution and material management (production planning, short-term order changes, material supply etc.)
  • Reactions to increased cost pressure: Optimisation of unit costs, overhead costs, inventory costs, work in progress, lead time, facility efficiency and quality costs

In consideration of all boundary conditions we create a tailored process landscape for production and production logistics with suitable IT architecture consisting of elements of ERP, APS and MES systems like reporting components.

Together with our clients we develop a concrete target structure and a timetable for an implementation. The job for J&M does not end until the successful implementation of an overall solution is completed. We transform strategies and concepts reliably into the business process of our clients.

We create sustainable value for our clients

In production and logistics a perfect meshing of planning, organisation, processes and IT is decisive. Combined with transparency this leads to more efficiency and flexibility in order to stay competitive.

J&M has already achieved sustainable improvements together with their clients:

  • Reduction of lead time by 50 %
  • Reduction of logistics costs by 35 %
  • Decrease of work in progress by 60 %
  • Reduction of planning horizon from 3 weeks to 5 days
  • Reduction of effort for variant production, spare part management and change processes by 20 %

Managing Partner

Christoph Kilger Dr. Christoph Kilger
Managing Partner