Integrated Consulting for Supply Chain Operations

The demands placed on production networks are on the increase. This is due to a number of factors: demand forecasting is increasingly difficult, product portfolios are becoming more complex, cost pressure is increasing and the pace of innovation is accelerating. Globalisation requires companies to incorporate new sales and procurement markets from around the world into their business models, scrutinise their production sites and integrate new production sites. What is more, innovative technologies such as RFID open up a wealth of new opportunities.

As a result, an integrated approach to logistics and classic production aspects such as production planning and control, just-in-time/sequence and manufacturing execution systems is being applied on an ever-increasing basis in order to deliver maximum efficiency and flexibility across the entire network.

Increasing process efficiency, fine-tuning processes and system landscapes

J&M Management Consulting supports industrial companies in the optimisation of both in-house production operations and production, storage and distribution logistics – from strategy and process design right the way through to the implementation of contemporary IT solutions.

A blend of consulting for processes and IT puts J&M consultants in a position to deliver targeted improvement of even the most developed of corporate networks. This can involve the optimisation of IT support, more consistent application of business methods (LEAN and Six Sigma) or improvements to planning processes. The key is to select, adapt and apply suitable methods and technologies which correspond with specific corporate requirements and circumstances. Such methods and technologies are also to be harmonised with IT systems. Our consulting focuses on the following issues:

  • Manufacturing excellence: application of process excellence – using a combination of LEAN manufacturing and Six Sigma – to optimise production-related business processes; support provision using IT solutions such as advanced planning systems (APS); production planning and production control systems (PPS); manufacturing execution systems (MES), including the interplay between them and PLM and ERP systems (and in particular master data management); SAP-based, integrated tool management with early warning functions.
  • Enterprise asset management: maintenance management for production equipment, buildings and plant; optimisation of buildings and plant using process excellence supported by computerised maintenance management systems (CMMS) such as SAP PM and IBM Maximo EAM; life cycle management for production equipment.
  • Logistics excellence: logistics strategy and operator models; special solutions for logistics providers; optimisation of infrastructure and material flows; paperless, real-time logistics processing; distribution logistics and transport management using SAP TM; integration of technology such as barcodes and RFID, also as part of traceability projects.

The result: efficient, flexible production networks

The perfect interconnection of planning, organisation, processes and IT is of decisive significance to production and logistics operations. When combined with transparency this interconnection leads to higher efficiency and flexibility – and therefore to increased competitiveness. Working in partnership with its clients, J&M has achieved sustainable long-term improvements across a wide range of issues:

  • Paperless, precise movement of goods throughout production logistics processes using SAP Radio Frequency.
  • Increased process reliability and efficiency thanks to intelligent goods inward processing and pull-based supply systems using SAP Radio Frequency.
  • Inventory transparency at storage place level using RFID (no extra manual effort).
  • Reductions in process cost, lot sizes, tooling-up time and inventories using LEAN SCM methods.
  • Reductions in buffer inventories, production interruption prevention.
  • Elimination of manual processes and incomplete data inventories using an integrated SAP-based tool management system.
'Their reference projects in the fields of levelling and LEAN SCM made J&M and the IFL an obvious choice as our consulting partner. The workshops were a great success, and have given my team a great deal of motivation to achieve medium-term, full-process implementation of the concepts drawn up.'

Peter Stechel, Head of the Neckarsulm Press Plant

Audi AG

'We are in the process of paving the way for universal improvements in tender creation, cost calculation and service invoicing. Application of the correct SAP functionalities and best practices will make a significant contribution to efficient, quick process handling within our organisation.'

Frank Gümmer, Project Manager

Chemion Logistik GmbH

'The LEAN approaches introduced have simplified our manufacturing process: standardised, lean workflows now enable us to reduce lot sizes, inventories and flow times.'

Ralf Goldbrunner, Head of Manufacturing


Managing Partner

Christoph Kilger Dr. Christoph Kilger
Managing Partner