Increased marketing efficiency and better market impact

Nowadays, growth and cost pressure everywhere lead to a critical consideration of current marketing costs and activities in almost every company. Those responsible – marketing directors and especially product managers – have to be able to identify measures that lead to a short term and long term increase in turnover, market share, loyalty and profit.

Transparency about input, output and impact of single measures is indispensable in order to show where the specific use of resources can be improved and consequently where the impact of measures can be increased. Efficient processes within marketing and in the collaboration with other organisational units (sales and product management) have to be ensured to fulfil changing demands flexibly and fast. Besides, the classic separation in "above and below the line" is not state-of-the-art in management anymore Additionally, social media, communities and web 3.0 are dramatically changing the traditional marketing landscape.

From the input-output-impact-analysis up to measureable results

J&M supports companies to increase their operational performance within marketing – from product management to communication management, channel management up to price management. Using an integrated consulting approach we analyse together with our clients all their marketing activities and identify optimisation potentials:

  • Analysis of input, output and impact for more transparency within marketing
  • Transformation of the marketing organisation from traditional „above and below the line" to integrated target group marketing
  • Identification of turnover, price and profit potentials for products, countries and sales channels
  • Optimisation of marketing processes such as potential analysis, lead and reference generation
  • Optimisation of the product management
  • Design of market launch strategies
  • Introduction of a key figure (KPI) based dashboard to measure and actively manage marketing activities
  • Improvement of coordination and feedback processes with business units and country organisations
  • Consolidation of the heterogeneous IT landscape (CRM, spend analysis, campaign management, market research)

J&M supported many clients successfully with its integrated consulting approach and reached sustainable improvements:

  • Increase of decision-making ability and pace by improved transparency within marketing
  • Decrease of marketing costs by 20-% with simultaneous increase of impact
  • Increase of efficiency and effectiveness by active measurement and management of marketing activities by over 30-%
  • Increase of leads by 40-% and efficient lead tracking by introduced qualification methodology
  • Improved quality of marketing activities by consistent orientation at regions
  • Long-term buy-in of management and employees
  • Consistent training and skill building of marketing employees