Industrial Machinery and Components

Integrated consulting for leading manufacturers in the machinery, plant and components sector

German manufacturers continue to face serious challenges in 2013: According to forecasts, exports in machinery and plant engineering will continue to grow at 2012 rates. Meanwhile, business is becoming increasingly complex and multifaceted. As a consequence, an integrated consideration of the supply chain and coordination of the various processes in a standardised system are growing in importance. Another hurdle to be cleared is the optimised management of production resources in an increasingly flexible and occasionally volatile market. 

Approaches to cope with these challenges include redesigning more flexible supply chains while maintaining cost-efficient and process-optimised production. In addition, professionalisation of after-sales-business and a more international alignment of the marketing organisation are key. In order to tackle these issues over the longer term, an integrated end-to-end examination of the entire value chain is required, from service and sales through supply chain operations and right up to purchasing.

J&M optimises the entire Supply Chain of industrial machinery and components manufacturers

J&M stands for integrated consulting along the entire value chain. We support you in transforming your supply chain and its associated processes and systems. This includes optimised planning and optimised inventory management, cross-border harmonisation of processes, restructuring of sales and service management and also product lifecycle management. In all of this, J&M works with an implementation focus and handles both operational and strategic challenges.

We are the long-term consulting partner for companies in the industrial machinery and components sector and we network with trade associations and leading enterprises from the fields of drive mechanisms, construction, mining, printing, energy production, gear systems, hydraulics, packaging, control systems, tools and wind energy. Typical J&M consulting projects include: 

  • Market- and customer-focused realignment of the supply chain
  • Strategic coordination of all functional areas along the supply chain
  • Design and implementation of Product Lifecycle Management
  • Restructuring of the sales function and increasing efficiency in sales and service processes
  • Optimising the service business including spare parts pricing and service pricing
  • Reducing cost and increasing efficiency while maintaining service quality and effectiveness
  • Business process optimisation including LEAN and Six Sigma methods
  • Make-or-buy decisions for purchasing and procurement
  • Concepts for use of an installed base for after sales business and also the IT implementation
  • Introduction of innovative IT systems for sales, production and logistics (CRM, SAP APO, SAP LES, SAP Lean environment, SAP MII, Asprova, ICON SCM, i2 Technologies)

The result: Measurable, sustainable improvements in the operational business for our clients

Our consulting projects achieve sustainable and measurable improvements for our clients. Together with the companies we advise, we have developed many best practices for the different business types – from components, product, solution and system business right up to after-sales business. These practices facilitate long-term business growth:

  • Increasing sales efficiency by 30% through improved and simplified sales processes
  • Increase in service business by more than 20% annually through strategic realignment and process stabilisation
  • Reduction of throughput times and stock by 50 % through process stabilisation, harmonisation and introduction of clear rules for order management, manufacture and assembly
  • Increase in EBIT of more than 2 % through systematic price management which has been coordinated with the supply chain
  • Reductions in set-up times of 50 % using Six Sigma and kaizen measures
  • Increase in marketing efficiency and effectiveness of more than 20 % through improved marketing planning and marketing controlling
  • Reduction of up to 100 % in non-value-added activities through LEAN SCM and the consistent application of leadership principles in all operational areas
  • Reduction in complexity as a result of partial rationalisation (e.g. 25 % fewer material masters)
  • Long-term elimination of quality problems and bottlenecks through the application of leadership principles
"Thanks to this integrated approach, our order management is now more customer-focused, efficient and precise."

Holger Steuerwald, Head of Order Management

Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG

"The LEAN approaches introduced have simplified our manufacturing production: With standardised and lean processes we can optimise lot sizes, inventories and process times."

Ralf Goldbrunner, Head of Manufacturing


"The good results of our pricing and sales project with J&M have been fully accepted. J&M made really innovative and pragmatic suggestions, tools and solutions that will help to improve our processes. Thanks to the J&M team's experience with international and change projects we were able to complete the project within two and a half months."

Dr. Ulrich Hüllmann, CEO

GEA Farm Technologies GmbH