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Integrated consulting for better performance

Where corporate performance and profitability are concerned in particular, every employee – from management through to the operational level – needs to be empowered to make quick decisions. Reaction speed and the quality of available information are decisive factors for success: a decision made is only as good as the information it is based on.

The challenge is to filter through a large volume of information in order to identify key data which facilitates efficient, sustainable business process management. That key data needs to be collated and standardised before it can be made available for demand-orientated presentation. The considerable amount of time and personnel effort this requires often leads to restricted acceptance, long lead times and, in the end, a limited level of operational process support for many reporting frameworks.

The role of business performance management (BPM) is increasingly being defined by the demands placed on it by compliance, auditability and control mechanisms in addition to those placed on it by
day-to-day business operations. Effective performance management not only helps companies to stay on top of the complexity of information communicated by international accounting standards, financial reporting and corporate management, but also to turn that complexity into profit.

Targeted use of business-relevant data

J&M sees BPM as comprising all processes, methods, key data and systems required in order to measure and improve company performance. This applies not only to separable or legal independent company divisions and their period-based key financial data, but also to the performance contribution of supply chain management and logistics within operational processes – from integrated planning right through to classic reporting and analysis systems. As a result of our many years of competence in the optimisation of end-to-end supply chain processes, well-founded financial know-how and IT expertise we are in a position to provide input which enables our clients to take significant steps forward. Our consulting services focus on the following issues:

  • Corporate management: strategic management using KPIs, metrics and scorecards (balanced scorecard).
  • Advanced corporate planning: design and setup of integrated corporate planning (i.e. the integration of material and value flows).
  • Reporting and analytics: development and implementation of complex analytical report applications.

Integrated consulting approach for improved performance

For business performance management in particular, the interplay between business orientation, process know-how and IT implementation competence is of vital importance. J&M uses its integrated consulting approach to support clients and create added value:

  • Strategic reorientation of business intelligence, performance management methods and systems towards corporate strategy.
  • Design and implementation of performance management concepts – from required processes and the definition of organisational pre-requisites to IT-based support tools.
  • Prompt provision of agreed, standardised key data with consistently good validity and a high level of aggregation nevertheless.
  • Introduction of metric based management principles into the organisation.
  • Reduction of up to 80 % of effort needed for analysis, post-processing and presentation of data today.
  • Avoidance of up to 23 % in additional effort by release of personnel capacity for other value-creating activities.
  • Minimal total costs of ownership (TCO) for entire reporting processes and systems.
'We are now in a position to consolidate figures from our worldwide sales agencies in a much faster way. Data is of better quality and validity and we can evaluate it quickly and flexibly.'

Ralf Kopetschke, Project Manager,


'In J&M Management Consulting we have found a vital partner for the design and implementation of our SCM development projects and the performance management they require. They have already demonstrated their competence and reliability – with great success!'

Klaus P. Kirnbauer, Head of Department Supply Chain Development & Performance Management,


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