Innovation & Product Lifecycle Management

Consulting for the integrated management of complex product lifecycle processes

The ability to control both increasing complexity and strong pressure to innovate is the key to competitiveness for European manufacturing companies. However, the product development and innovation processes are frequently not integrated into the value chain. Process and information gaps exist at all stages of the value chain, therefore, the control of complex product development and innovation processes has become one of the most important strategic challenges for top management.

Innovation & product lifecycle management along the entire value chain
Innovation & product lifecycle management along the entire value chain

Companies, which are already making efforts to professionalise their innovation & product lifecycle management (PLM), have so far addressed this area with a strong IT focus. They tend to overlook strategic, organisational and process issues. The consequences: The expected success does not materialise since the business requirements are not taken sufficiently into account. A reduction in time-to-market with maximised profits, without an integrated PLM perspective, can only be achieved – if at all – with significant delays and increased costs during the course of the project. For this reason, integrated innovation & product lifecycle management necessitates a holistic approach. Together with our clients:

  • We develop a vision and a strategy for integrated innovation & product lifecycle management,
  • We define end-to-end PLM processes and establish the relevant responsibilities
  • We introduce metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) for the relevant business processes
  • We implement appropriate interfaces for connecting PLM systems
  • We balance the different requirements of business and IT and ensure user acceptance in the development units.

Innovation & product lifecycle management along the entire value chain

J&M supports companies in managing complex product development and innovation processes from the beginning to the end of the value chain: 
  1. Customer interface: Taking account of customer requirements in development 
  2. Marketing, sales & services: Ensuring uniform product documentation and provision of CAD data 
  3. Supply chain operations: Alignment of development and manufacturing bills of materials even with frequent changes 
  4. Purchasing & procurement: Comprehensive vendor management including matching of procurement data with corresponding bills of materials
  5. Vendor interface: Early involvement of vendors in the development and innovation process  
  6. Finance & controlling: Transparency over engineering & manufacturing costs in the early phases of development

Maximum return on product through holistic PLM perspective

The following examples from actual cases show just what is possible with integrated innovation & product lifecycle management:

Reduction in time-to-market:

  • Reduction in the time-to-market of 30-50 %
  • Reduction in the development cycle from 42 to 24 months
  • Consistent data & change management with uniform view
  • Global collaboration and simultaneous engineering through consistent BoM (bill of materials) management, uniform 3D models and vendor integration

Cost reduction:

  • 35 % reduction in development costs
  • Cost savings of 50 % in design and 80 % in manufacture
  • Lowering of direct and indirect labour costs in a new plant by 30 %
  • Less duplication through the platform concept
  • Integrated document management 

Increase in productivity: 

  • Increase in productivity of 30-50 %
  • Reduction in changes to sub-assemblies of 70 %
  • Integrated workflow system with direct access to all relevant data 
  • Common user interface in place of different applications

Improved quality, traceability and transparency:

  • Globally uniform structure for handling intellectual property
  • Documentation of the products actually designed
  • End-to-end traceability over the entire lifecycle
  • 50 % less defects in the production run