Operational Excellence

Excellence throughout the entire value chain brings long-term success

It is a challenge to make lasting excellence the focus of the entire value chain – from product development right through to accounting. The failure of Operational Excellence or LEAN initiatives to achieve the desired effects may be down to a number of different reasons:

  • Existing methods such as LEAN or Six Sigma have only been applied sporadically.
  • Value chain analysis was not comprehensive enough.
  • Available IT know-how was insufficient for the integrated implementation of the measures identified.
  • Insufficient consideration was given to change management, which is a significant factor in practical implementation and can be the key to a successful project.

Methods and IT competence as guarantors for success

The Operational Excellence model developed by J&M incorporates established LEAN management methods alongside elements taken from Six Sigma and the Supply Chain Operation Reference model (SCOR model). It conducts integrated analysis of corporate value chains and combines process expertise with IT know-how. Our experience in the field of change management supports the lasting implementation of the approaches and processes developed.

Value chain optimisation using all-embracing value flow analysis

The first phase sees the existing process comprehensively documented using a value flow analysis. A supporting data recording measure is used to identify and deliberate any potential which may be taken advantage of straight away. Even at this early stage, a number of immediate measures are usually carried out in order to achieve initial process improvements. Once the existing situation has been documented a target value flow is then defined, with simulations used where required. A comparison between the existing and target situations paves the way for the definition of specific projects and the integration thereof into a project roadmap.

LEAN management methods tend to be used to optimise flow times and inventories and eliminate transparency deficits and classic forms of waste. Specific problems such as insufficient availability or poor process performance can be solved using the Six Sigma method. J&M's comprehensive SAP competence facilitates the definition of any key values required and the provision of support during technical sections of the implementation phase. Relevant client employees are trained and coached parallel to the project.

Lasting results – the perfect yardstick for J&M services

The J&M Operational Excellence approach combines the methods of LEAN Management, Six Sigma and Supply Chain Management. It not only guarantees successful, lasting implementation on both a process and IT level, but also ensures a swift return on investment. Typical project results include:

  • Flow time reductions of up to 70 %
  • OEE improvements of 20 % and above
  • Waste reductions of up to 50 %
  • Lasting reductions of up to 80 % in WIP inventories

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