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Strategic advantage in competition with Business Intelligence

Requirements for information acquisition processes and for resulting management activities are rising due to an increase in cost and competition pressure.

With business intelligence, we qualify our clients to transform their own data and competitive data into knowledge suitable for decision-making. The ability to react flexibly on changing environmental conditions constitutes an important strategic advantage in competition.

For an implementation of business intelligence solutions we are working closely together with SAP. With SAP BW and SEM SAP business intelligence offers a solution which provides, besides comprehensive reporting, analysis and planning tools and also best practice contents. These are being precisely tailored to our client's needs by our consulting approach.

Benefits of Business Intelligence

  • Reduction of comparing efforts due to standardisation of master data
  • Comparability of evaluations of different areas due to standardisation of reporting
  • Reduction of the local effort of reporting due to consistent data basis and reports
  • Measurement and evaluation of process performance in the company due to definition of Key Performance Indicators and Scorecards
  • Integrated evaluation of whole company parts due to standardised KPIs
  • Company comparisons across, as well as classified by branches

J&M supports clients comprehensively in the implementation of business intelligence solutions – from the strategy to the implementation:

Development of a Business Intelligence Strategy

J&M supports clients in the development of a Business Intelligence Strategy aligned to corporate goals.

Conceptual development of controlling concepts

A permanent overview of different company departments is the result of a sophisticated controlling concept. For this purpose J&M can resort to a substantiated Know-How in various areas  e.g. Supply Chain Execution, Supply Chain Planning or Quality Management.

Derivation and conceptual development of relevant Key Performance Indicators

Due to the Enabler-KPI-Value® Network method developed by J&M, it is possible to identify the actual factors influencing the company performance and receive specific indications for an optimisation of processes.

IT Design and System Integration

J&M supports clients in their selection process of tools and in developing the IT landscape referring to BI.

Data Modelling and Design of Data Flow

Requirements of business and existing data sources as well as derivation of needed target structure and data flow processes are being aligned.


BI tools (SAP BW/SEM, Data Warehouses, 3rd Party Front-End-Tools, etc.) are being aligned to the client's processes. This includes Go-live preparation and the subsequent support.

Rollout Strategies

J&M develops harmonising concepts or expandable BI solutions and corresponding rollout strategies if needed.

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