An integrated improvement of sales management leads to measurable results

Professional, efficient and innovative – that is how sales should be. However, by far not all companies meet these requirements. Often they already lack clear sales strategies, which coordinate new and established sales channels (direct sales, sales partners, eCommerce, retail, shop-in-shop, social media commerce, etc.) in an optimised way. Furthermore, in many companies there are historically grown sales organisations and traditional visiting patterns instead of systematic and efficient sales structures. This leads to high sales and administrative costs. Due to many companies' lack of orientation at profit potentials of industries and customers the EBIT often does not grow at the same level as revenues do.

An integrated improvement of sales leads to measurable results
An integrated improvement of sales leads to measurable results

Implementing sales optimisation with the right strategy

J&M advises its clients in a comprehensive and integrated manner – from the development of a sales vision and strategy, over the measurement of sales efficiency and effectiveness, customer satisfaction and price management KPIs up to optimisation of sales processes and organisation, implementation of business intelligence and CRM systems as well as related management of change measures. Our portfolio within sales consulting covers amongst others: 


  • Development of sales strategy, optimising established channels and integrating new channels
  • Review and international reorientation of the sales organisation
  • Benchmarking of sales costs
  • Design of sales KPIs and dashboards
  • Optimisation of the whole sales process from market evaluation, contact initiation, to customer visits, preparation of quotations, negotiations and finalisation as well as after sales, service and sales controlling
  • Design of price negotiation tools and argumentation guidelines for sales employees
  • Set up and conduction of negotiation trainings
  • Development of pricing strategy for an optimal absorption of willingness to pay per industry and customer
  • Analysis, identification and exploitation of unused profit potentials of customers, industries, regions, services and products
  • Design and implementation of BI and CRM systems for sales representatives

Realising convincing sales improvements

J&M supports companies seeking to address their market more efficiently in exploiting their potentials better and to process their orders faster in the order to cash process (O2C). In projects with J&M our clients already reached the following results:

  • Decrease of sales and market costs by more than 20 %
  • Increase of customer potential exploitation by 60 %
  • Increase of hit rates by up to 50 %
  • Increase of visit frequencies by more than 20 %
  • Reduction of time demand for handling of requests, quotation preparation, order confirmation and order processing (O2C)by up to 40 %
  • achieved price increase by over 2 %

Furthermore these companies have now clear roles and responsibilities. Interfaces in sales and order processing (O2C) have been reduced and processes accelerated. The customers of our clients are more satisfied due to an improved visiting frequency and quality.

"The most important result of our successful cooperation with J&M is the increase of efficiency in Indoor Sales by 30 %."

Dr. Ulrich Hüllmann, CEO

Manfred Madl, Head of BU Commercial

OMV Refining & Marketing