Sales, Service & Marketing

Value-oriented sales, service and marketing consulting

Increasing revenues and profitability, retaining high-value customers and sustainably improving the brand image and value – the targets of marketing, sales and service are as clear as the implementation is difficult: While innovation and product life cycles are getting increasingly shorter, customers and competitors are becoming increasingly international and diversified. Furthermore, many industries have to deal with increasing costs and eroding margins. Nevertheless, customer expectations concerning products, performance, solutions and services are rising. Especially marketing has to increasingly face the question of what value it adds and how this can be shown in terms of ROI. Thus, on the one hand it is imperative to increase cooperation between sales, marketing and service, which are rather detached in many companies, and to connect and manage these consistently to fully exploit given potentials. On the other hand, cooperation of the sales, service and marketing departments with other departments as e.g. R&D, logistics, production, purchasing, distribution, finance etc. can be improved in almost every company.

From business strategy over sales processes to IT-implementation

In order to address the various challenges in sales, service and marketing and to develop the appropriate and individual customer solution, a comprehensive and fast approach is necessary. Based on proven methods and extensive consulting experience, we are very fast. This means that - within approximately two weeks - we are able to identify the most important potentials, assess them and subsequently implement the prioritized measures together with our clients. Our portfolio of sales, service and marketing consulting includes, amongst other things:

  • Review and development of business strategies for product segments, countries or service fields
  • Review, design, harmonization and implementation of pricing management and tools
  • Analysis, optimization and harmonization of sales, service and marketing processes
  • Customer-oriented, international re-organization of sales and service
  • Analysis and assessment of market as well as customer expectations, incl. benchmarking
  • Review and redesign of innovation processes and product lifecycle management
  • Development and implementation of concepts to increase marketing performance
  • Design of a multi-channel approach for e-commerce communication and transactions
  • Design and IT-implementation of CRM and PLM systems
  • Development and IT-implementation of business intelligence & KPI dashboards
  • Development of training- and communication measures as well as sales tools for employees

Measurable value for our clients

The results for our clients prove the success of our work. In client projects we were able to improve their financial figures significantly. Some selected project results from the last years were:

  • Increase of customer satisfaction by 20 %
  • Increase of sales efficiency by 30 %
  • Decrease of cost of sales by 25 %
  • Increase of marketing performance by 30 %
  • Increase of service levels by 10 % at same cost
  • Improvement of EBIT by 2.5 % within 3 months

Typically, we reach a Return on Consulting of 20, which means that for every Euro paid to us, the clients achieve a result improvement of EUR 20.

"The most important result of our cooperation with J&M is the increased efficiency for indoor sales by 30 %"

Manfred Madl, Head of BU Commercial

OMV Refining & Marketing

"The successful cooperation with J&M over many years as well as the quality of the consulting service concerning both business and technical questions are decisive factors for the success of your ambitious ramp-up project."

Werner Trunz, Head of International Organisation and Information Systems

Sto AG