Strategic Direction Setting

Developing and pursuing the optimal business strategy

Periods of unprecedented global change – characterised as they are by shifting client requirements, new competitors and technical innovations – require the continuous revision and realignment of corporate strategy. The aim of required measures to cope with these challenges is to ensure that the entire organisation keeps up with the pace of change and does not become overstretched.

Changing business environments can necessitate the fundamental reorientation of business operations, the introduction of new transaction models in order to increase performance or "simply" the continued re-design of existing approaches. This applies not only to corporate activities, but also to any new business identified or integrated.

The following question is therefore of integral importance: on the basis of the implementation of efficient – and at the same time differentiated – processes, which markets and clients are to be provided with which products and services via which distribution channels and from which locations? Corporate strategy is inseparably linked to typical supply chain strategy issues.

Optimum orientation of all corporate strategy factors

J&M Business Strategy Consulting Services offer companies the chance to benefit from the expertise we have gained over many years of providing strategic consulting to industrial companies. The integrated approach we use to overcome the challenges mentioned above deals with five different aspects of corporate orientation: strategic orientation, performance management, IT & enabling technologies, processes & organisation and management of change. Long-term corporate success can be achieved through the optimisation of the interplay between these aspects. J&M consulting focuses on the following issues:

  • Strategic reorientation: fundamental corporate orientation and setup; product marketing strategies; determination of relevant success criteria for improvements in corporate performance.
  • Short-term business optimisation: identification, initiation and implementation of fast-acting courses of action within the strategic context.
  • Restructuring and post merger integration: Further development of existing business models; redesign/optimisation of business processes in combination with acquisitions and/or disinvestment.
  • Profitability and complexity management: systematic development of operational corporate profitability drivers; business risk assessment; improved complexity management and complexity reduction.
  • Optimisation of corporate business management: establishment of a set of appropriate early warning indicators; timely identification of market changes; improvement in the quality of operational decisions.

The result: an organisation set up for success

Working in partnership with our clients, past projects have seen J&M consultants achieve significant improvements. The following list presents a selection of the tangible results achieved:

  • Identification of attractive existing and new business segments, appropriate positioning
  • Reductions in unit and combined costs achieved by identifying cost drivers and eliminating cost factors
  • Increased product quality and an 85 % reduction in waste
  • Increased IT infrastructure performance
  • Drawing up of future-proof logistics strategies.
"The well-founded development, assessment and selection of supply chain scenarios gave us a sense of confidence that we are pushing forward in the right direction and are optimally set up for the future ahead."

Heinrich Becker, Head of European Logistics Management

Hilti AG

"The level of expertise and professionalism at J&M impressed us. We will continue to work with J&M on strategic challenges and the optimisation of our logistics operations in the future."

Ulrich Dickow, Head of Logistics

tegut… Gruppe

"Our production and sales & marketing divisions now have an overview of all production steps and sub-projects. We are therefore able to react to any delays in good time. Another stand-out result is that we are now in a position to reduce our inventories."

Stefan Schmid, Head of Logistics Planning (TLE)

MTU Aero Engines GmbH

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