Strategic Corporate Control

Supporting the Strategy Implementation with Balanced Scorecards

In fast changing markets it is increasingly important to align each decision to the strategy. Individual operative units rarely go into the right strategic direction and investments of projects which are not strategically aligned are registered as "sunk costs". In growth phases strategically focused actions are important in order to grow into the right direction; in consolidation phases they are important in order to lead to profitable channels.

J&M supports the implementation of company and department strategies by developing a suitable measurement system. Starting with individual KPIs it ranges to the balanced scorecard as part of integrated corporate planning. This includes a coordination of the strategy, balanced scorecard, sales & operations and the functional segment planning with a budget planning and accordingly aligned processes of change which are regulated by KPIs (e.g. based on Enabler-KPI-Value Networks).

Benefits of the Balanced Scorecard

  • Increase in turnover: Due to a strategic alignment of the organisation, strategic potentials are recognised sooner
  • Optimisation of investments: Due to a consistent strategy-based project planning based on the balanced scorecard and the integrated corporate planning
  • Acceleration of changes: Due to a clear communication and transparency of each action regarding the strategy, strategic decisions can be translated faster in operative activities.

J&M supports clients in the implementation and in the optimal utilisation of the balanced scorecard:

  • Development of a balanced scorecard

J&M develops together with their clients a balanced scorecard on corporate level, for operative units or for functional areas. The balanced scorecard takes on the strategy and is being integrated in the existing controlling system.

Balanced-Scorecard-based Controlling Systems

Based on strategic indicators of the balanced scorecard, J&M supports in breaking down goals to functional areas and departments up to the individual employee. All indicators are thereby linked by value driver trees.

Process Controlling

Based on an existing balanced scorecard or an equivalent target system, J&M supports in the preparation of KPIs e.g.  the controlling of processes.

Business Case

Strategic decisions always implicate projects and investments. J&M examines strategic options with the ROI and develops alternatives in order to achieve according cost and benefit goals.

Implementation of KPIs

Based on SAP BW, SAP and Legacy systems are being connected in order to enable a controlling and reporting which corresponds to the client's ideas.

Strategic Enterprise Management

J&M supports their clients in illustrating the BSC processes and the integrated corporate planning with SAP.

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