Supply Chain Controlling

Monitoring of SC processes

Continuous monitoring of the supply chain and all partners involved ensures that all planning, procurement and production processes run as smoothly as possible. Key performance indicators for the supply chain are defined, ascertained at regular intervals and assessed upon the basis of the SCOR model.

Based upon these key performance indicators, J&M develops supply chain balanced scorecards specifically tuned to the situation in your company which are then used to monitor the supply chain processes. If any discrepancies arise, so-called "supply chain detectives" investigate the causes for the deficits in the supply chain on a case to case basis across all sections and take specific measures to rectify the defects they find.

As a result, potential problems in the supply chain can be recognized early on and avoided in future thanks to coordinated measures for improvement.

Benefits of Supply Chain Controlling

  • Reduced costs as problems in the supply chain are recognized and the appropriate measures set in motion early on.
  • Lasting increase in customer satisfaction due to increased transparency and ability to react.
  • Increased efficiency due to the optimal coordination of all supply chain processes.
  • Competitive advantage due to the systematic recording and controlling of the complex relationships in the supply chain network.
  • Development of the supply chain controlling concept

J&M develops for and with its clients company-specific supply chain controlling concepts, embedded in the underlying supply chain strategy.

  • Definition of key performance indicators for the supply chain
    The key performance indicators for the supply chain relevant to the company in question are determined and the appropriate metrics for measurement are defined upon the basis of the SCOR model.
  • Creation of the supply chain balanced scorecard
    J&M uses the defined key performance indicators for the supply chain to develop customer and requirement-specific balanced scorecards and sees to it that they are used successfully within the company by taking appropriate change management measures.
  • Implementation of continuous improvement processes
    The Enable-KPI-Value® network method developed by J&M is used to determine the effects of the measures which have been taken and support the further development and implementation of continuous improvement processes.
  • IT and process design
    Based upon the process analysis, J&M provides support in the development and implementation of IT-supported supply chain controlling functions based on standard applications such as SAP R/3 and SAP BW.
  • Implementation
    J&M assists you from the implementation of the metrics in the most widely varying transaction and planning systems up to the development of alert functions and the introduction of appropriate supply chain monitoring tools.

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