Supply Chain Management

With integrated SCM consulting to supply chain excellence

High inventories, high costs, dissatisfied customers and discouraged employees: Companies often lack the right balance within the supply chain. Supply chain executives face the increasingly difficult task of continuously building the optimum of inventories, reaction capability, ability to deliver, turnaround times, security of supply and costs – hence, despite partly considerable demand fluctuations.

Supply Chain Management
Supply Chain Management
Prerequisite for a high performance within all functions of the supply chain is a perfect interaction between the remaining company divisions and functions. Because the value chain of a company is far more than only a supply chain. As a service chain it is strongly influenced by diverse activities and functions within supply chain operations and other companies' core businesses. Therefore, it is essential to integrate these functions and processes in terms of a seamless supply chain and to achieve supply chain excellence, eventually.  

SCM consulting at J&M: Through substantiated methods to individual solutions

As one of the leading consulting companies for supply chain management, J&M Management Consulting optimises the entire value chain for companies. Consulting services range from strategies, processes, organizations, Performance Management and IT up to corresponding change processes. 
Each supply chain is different. Together with the supply chain experts of our clients, we develop specific solutions, in order to make the service chain more successful. Based on proven approaches and best-practice such as Sales & Operations, Planning, Supply Chain Risk Management and the SCOR model, we develop solutions tailored exactly to our clients market and process forms. J&M SCM consulting focuses on the following issues:  
  • Supply chain strategy and design: Orientation of supply chain towards market and process requirements, segmentation of the market and of own supply chain, development of effective SC strategies and SC architectures, Green SCM and Lean SCM. 
  • Supply chain planning: Optimisation of entire planning and steering processes within the supply chain, according to best practice approaches and implementation in the required IT systems for planning. 
  • Integrated order management: Optimization of entire order handling processes by creating consistent process and system landscapes, interaction of customer management, order fulfilment management up to delivery management.
  • Supply chain performance management: Establishment of important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the company and its supply chain. Development of a specific monitoring and improvement management and supply chain event management.
  • Supply chain compliance: Linking of classical supply chain management with multi-layered compliance requirements of customs, foreign trade, as well as REACH. 

The result: Significant increases of supply chain performance 

J&M has achieved lasting improvements together with its clients:
  • Flexible and efficient management control through demand-oriented supply chain management 
  • Decrease of transport costs and increase of logistic flexibility by optimisation of supply chain strategy 
  • Optimised capacity utilization, reductions in storage costs, decrease of storage through improved production planning and steering
  • Flexible logistics structure and reductions in process costs using the targeted positioning of production and storage sites.
  • Transparency of CO2-emissions of product portfolio through Green SCM measures
  • Introduction of innovation and IT supported planning systems for optimised supply chain planning 
'The production plan drawn up in partnership with J&M allows us to manufacture on a continuous basis without losing our flexibility.'

Dr. Patrick Bosché, Head of Production

Mepha Pharma AG

'The implementation of the concept has delivered slim processes which match our requirements. We are therefore now in a position to increase supply performance and simultaneously reduce costs.'

Marcel Bühlmann, CEO

Midor AG

'This is the path that will lead us towards world-leading industrial logistics and deliver tangible competitive advantages for our clients.'

Thomas Buchbender, Head of Production Planning and Control

Griesson-de Beukelaer GmbH & Co. KG

‘Thanks to this integrated approach, our order management team is now working in a more customer-oriented, efficient and precise way.'

Holger Steuerwald, Head of Order Management

Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG

‘We have been extremely careful in developing, assessing and selecting our supply chain scenarios, and we are confident that we're on the right track.'

Heinrich Becker, Head of European Logistics Management