Supply Chain Strategy

Successful SCM needs strategy

A company's SCM strategy forms the framework for operational supply chain management. Supply chain management is successful when the measures taken support the strategic aims of the company. The necessary acceptance in the company can only be generated if this is the case. Vice-versa, the SCM strategy naturally also has a considerable effect on the business strategy (as regards location structures, internal processes, cooperation with external partners and the use of supporting IT systems) and must have an influence on it.

J&M works together with you to develop your own company-specific SCM strategy. Your business strategy, business processes, organizational structures, your SCM key performance indicators and IT systems as well as the ongoing measures and projects in your company are all taken into account when developing the strategy.

Benefits of SCM Strategy

You benefit from the advantages of a coordinated SCM strategy – J&M assists you in realizing your aims with our expertise in the area of supply chain management and consistent project management.

  • Increased efficiency by synchronizing SCM and business strategies, bearing your company vision in mind.
  • Identification of potential in cooperation with strategic partners and by using advanced planning systems.
  • Reduction in costs via stringent project portfolio management and the prioritizing of initiatives entailing a particularly significant increase in value.

We at J&M develop company-specific solutions for and with our clients. The range of consultancy services we offer are as follows:

  • SCM review
    J&M analyzes and documents business processes on the basis of the SCOR model and determines the strengths and weaknesses of the organisation as regards SCM. A portfolio analysis is used to assess existing IT systems and current SCM measures. We look into the possibilities the management has of using a system based on SCM key performance indicators to control the company's logistics processes.
  • SCM strategy and design
    The strategic SCM aims are derived and formulated from the business strategy. J&M defines the key performance indicators required to gauge how far strategic aims have been met and to identify further potential. In addition, we also develop cause and effect networks which are then used to decide upon SCM aims and the measures required to implement them.
  • SCM roadmap and master plan
    Using a business case, J&M assesses the benefit, costs and ROI of the SCM initiatives. The steps required to implement a potential project are adapted according to the client's situation, and the accompanying measures relating to management of change and staff training are planned and synchronized.

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