Value Oriented Consulting

Increasing enterprise value for J&M's clients

Value-oriented business management, namely the aim of increasing enterprise value in both the short and long term, is today a fundamental part of running a business. Consultants are brought on board by clients in order to increase their enterprise value effectively and sustainably. Up until now, however, clients have not been able to measure the actual value added by consultants. On the contrary, in fact: According to a study carried out by meta-consulting experts from Cardea, 41 percent of companies questioned were unable to give an answer regarding the cost-effectiveness of their consulting projects. As many as 11 percent said the value added was lower than the costs involved.

Our Goal: Sustainable Value Creation for Our Clients

At J&M, the aim of our Value Oriented Consulting (VOC) approach is to focus consulting services on consistently achieving sustainable value creation for each of our clients. In our minds, increasing enterprise value for our clients can be achieved particularly effectively by:

  • Improving competitive position
  • Unlocking further price and quantity potential
  • Reducing costs
  • Reducing tied-up capital

The Result: A Return on Consulting of 7

J&M uses the widely recognized Prince 2 project management method to consistently manage projects according to value created for clients, and to guarantee a high Return on Consulting (ROC). J&M calculates the Return on Consulting (ROC) for its consulting projects. This gives clients the opportunity to measure our effectiveness – even by way of performance-based fees, if they so wish.

We regularly publish the total Return on Consulting achieved by us at J&M. Over the past two years, we have achieved an average Return on Consulting of between 6 and 7 euro. In other words, for every euro a client invests in our services, that same client achieves an improvement in revenue of between 6 and 7 euro. At the top end of the scale we even reach figures of up to 50.


Managing Partner

Andreas Müller

'J&M stands for value-oriented consulting: We establish sustainable value for our customers. Between 2010 and 2015, we will generate around 1 billion euro of added value for our customers.'

Dr. Andreas Müller
Managing Partner